How to disconnect people from your WiFi network

How to remove people from your WiFi

WiFi is now part of our lives, where we want to see if there is a connection to be able to enjoy it and feel comfortable, and let's face it, you can find a connection practically everywhere. WiFi being a widely used resource, it can even happen that on some occasions people manage to connect to your network and start using it, harming a lot, so that this does not happen, just use an application that does the job of removing these intruders or limiting the whatever speed you want.

How to disconnect people from your WiFi network? 

To do this just download the application that is at the end of the post which is known as netcut, 

its interface is simple and easy to understand, when you enter it will appear for you to grant root permissions for the application, then a list will appear with all users connected to the network, showing the MAC or Device Name and still showing what it is, for example: PC or Mobile.

To remove someone just click on the blue WiFi icon, and then in the options that appear below, click OFF.

If you want, you can also just limit the connection, moving the bar that is in the center to the level you want, being able to limit it to: 50% or 25%.

Watch the video for a better understanding:

NetCut – 10 MB (You need to download the APK)


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